fitbit motivation

How can the fitbit change your life?

Wearable tech has been the hot topic of recent years and probably the hottest of the lot is the fibit. The bracelet that tracks your activity and sleep and lets you challenge your friends, but why is it so brilliant?

If you haven’t heard of it yet, then fitbit is a wristband that you wear to track your activity and steps. It also tracks your quality of sleep and calorie intake, but the best part is that you can connect with other users and challenge them! But why does this matter?

Gamification is a hugely impressive motivational tool. As soon as you take something you previously thought of as hard work or mundane and give it a competitive approach, you want to do it more and better each time! With the fitbit, you can challenge yourself and your friends. You earn badges for the more you do and feel the need to push yourself every time.

Similarly, if you’re looking to shed a few pounds in the process, you can go up against others and see who can hit their target first. This element of competition pushes you to try harder and not be submissive against your peers.

The other beauty of the fitbit tracker is that it is constant; you can’t skew or manipulate the data, you either do it or you don’t. You may not think of yourself as competitive but as soon as you are up against your peers you will push yourself harder in order to ‘win’.

Gamifying something is probably the easiest way to get you to work harder or enjoy the things you hate (such as exercise) without even thinking about it. It is why applying such tactics to work can be so effective for better productivity, better results and greater success.  

This kind of data tracking also just makes you more aware. Where you previously thought “oh it’s fine, I’ve exercised – I’ve been for a walk today”, you probably didn’t actually go very far. By giving you real-time data you are given a much more realistic outlook on your progression.

This is the same for working life. If you were given real-time data on your productivity levels, how many hours you actually worked (without getting distracted by social media, your phone or the news), it might just put things in perspective of how much time you’re wasting.

I know what you’re thinking, “how has fitbit change my life?” Well it’s done exactly what I have spoken about: It has made me more conscious of my activity efforts, made me more competitive and made me work harder as a result, as well as making activity and exercise more fun.

It won’t be long until wearables and other bits of tech are able to monitor our every move, but will you embrace this watchful, competitive lifestyle or stick to what you know?