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How gamification can improve morale?

Traditionally, when we discuss gamification we think of it in a technology sense – but it can be used in other ways to improve morale.

Gamification can be applied more practically than just resting in a digital sense. Gamifying aspects of your personal and working life can secretly make things more fun and much more productive!


You need to first of all find the jobs that need an energy boost; sometimes the simple, monotonous tasks can get tiring and you push them to the bottom of the pile until they get forgotten forever, but still need to be done!

Once you have your tasks to trial, find a way to challenge them – can the task be done quicker? Can you achieve more of the task the next time around than the first time? Can you complete the task with a better scope than colleagues?

It’s productive

gamified productivity

When you mix up your routine and add a fun, engaging element to it (maybe even with a competitive edge) it can make you much more productive. Practice makes perfect, but it can be a lot more productive when a goal is in place.

When you have something to aim for, it gives you direction and focus meaning you are much more likely to achieve the results you want. By setting a target or goal, you give something purpose and games are a great way to establish a goal; creating a roadmap that you follow and a challenging pace can make you achieve a lot more a lot quicker.

A feeling of being productive will always put you in a happy, achieving mood.

It’s rewarding

rewarding cultureWhen you gamifiy something, there is an element of winning. Whether it is a challenge against yourself or with others, you feel a sense of achievement.

However, even when you fail – although it may have an initial negative affect – it can push you to work harder next time. This ensures you get the most out of the task. This reward culture in games can boost you mood, bringing more enjoyment. It then creates a positive association so that the repetition of the task becomes more rewarding and more mood boosting every time.


It’s engaging

engaging gamificationA task that is engaging is much easier to get on board with. Engaging usually means it’s fun or enjoyable, and that is the whole point in providing a gamified culture.

Turning tasks into games with challenges and milestones is much more engaging than a check box and ‘to do’ list. Being engaged makes you feel more involved in what you’re doing boosting your enjoyment and mood as a result.

Gamify the duller tasks and you might just find yourself feeling that bit more engaged with something you used to put to the bottom of the pile time and time again.

It’s fun!

fun gamificationThe word keeps creeping up – fun! Gamifying tasks and fun is all part of the play, and it’s no surprise that fun tasks can boost morale and keep people happy.

Happiness boosts productivity, and boosting productivity will boost morale. It is the lifecycle of game culture that is the future of learning, working and living.