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Superbowl 50: How sport can help you in your career

Last night’s Superbowl 50 game attracted crowds from all over the world. American football has become a wider recognised sport and there’s a lot we can learn from it to develop your career.

Sport isn’t everyone’s cup of tea; whether it’s playing sport and getting stuck in or watching it on the TV, some of us can’t quite get on board with it. However, we should be taking ideas from sport in order to achieve more in our careers.

Goal setting

Goal setting is a really important part of being successful. If you don’t have something to aim towards it can be hard to maintain focus and you can struggle to feel that strong sense of achievement.

Even setting small, short-term goals can give a strong sense of achievement, putting you in a more positive mindset. Sports stars will always be setting goals: to run faster, swim further or fight harder. Whatever it is choose the things that push you the most but are realistic at the same time.

Long term goals can work as well, but the short term setting allows your development to be more agile, making you more productive and the sense of achievement can result in increased motivation.

Team effort

There’s one obvious skill that sport teaches us quickly but we can take more time in life to learn; team building. Although individuals can be highly sought after within the sports world, it is still the combination of players that ultimately result in success.

Find more ways for your projects to rely on a team-oriented approach. Not only will this lighten the load, but you will be able to pick up on people’s strengths and weaknesses more quickly. For example, individuals have positions in sports, where they defend, attack, score goals etc. but they have to co-operate in order to see results.

It is exactly the same at work. People must be put in their strongest positions and you must then work with each other to see results. Although, you should never be afraid to mix things up in order to build people’s weaknesses and turn them into strengths; it will give you a lot more flexibility.


There’s nothing wrong with a bit of healthy competition – anyone who says they aren’t competitive is lying, we are all naturally a little bit competitive. Winning brings with it an even greater sense of achievement, and losing can bring with it a stronger desire to work harder or better.

If you have smaller teams within your business, or maybe you could even create some, then create a bit of friendly competition. Set a target with a reward at the end of it. It is a great motivation tool and will really highlight who are the team players.

Effective management

No sports team ever won without a great manager. A manager can look at things from the outside in and develop individuals within the team in a number of ways.

Sports have commended great managers over the years; the team’s success is as a result of manager’s abilities. A manager who recognises each individual but also finds the best way to encourage team spirit and plan for a team accordingly is integral to success.



The Superbowl is one of the biggest sporting events in the US, and not only does it highlight brilliant team spirit but it brings together people from all over the world to cheer together for one cause. This is where team effort extends – you don’t have to be contributing personally to find a way to be part of a team.

Cheering someone on or finding smaller ways to help out can make a big difference. Sports house a lot of elements that we can reflect on in our personal and professional lives. Aim for something bigger and better, create better relationships, and be a better manager.