gaming and marketing

Using serious gaming and gamification in marketing

Of all the trends that have come and gone, gamification still sits strong with a place in the market. Its implementation on the training and professional development arena is strong but still needs improving. However, there is a clear strategic gap in the marketing space that gamification can fill.

When we hear the word ‘gamification’ we traditionally think of literal games with a player, goals and rewards, but the business meaning of the word can be applied to marketing in less of a literal sense.

Gamifying a concept can build better engagement and in the marketing space, this is exactly what we want to achieve; better engagement with consumers and clients. Although it isn’t just external engagement that we can build.

Business plans are becoming equally as focused on internal investment in employees, company culture and internal communications, which is all internal marketing. When using gamification in a marketing process, it is important to ensure the program is in line with company goals; spreading a brand name, growing a database or launching a new product.

Internally, gamification and marketing can be used to incentivise and motivate employees through competitive elements. Gamified training apps can communicate and market areas of the business whilst still incorporating a learning element.

You can use the way individuals perform and interact with the game to measure how they engage with the company and brand; what relationship are they subconsciously building with the brand? Games are meant to be enjoyable, so naturally your employees, consumers, clients or whoever the target audience is, will build a positive relationship with your brand and message.

Social networking apps like FourSquare bring elements of reward and gamification to something that is otherwise very simplistic. FourSquare allows you to ‘check-in’ to locations and in doing so you can earn points, badges and rewards. Different locations earn you different things, and with this a marketing message is communicated for various locations and positive relationships are built.

Similarly, marketers forget that when working with consumers, your relationship needs to be mutually beneficial, which is where the rewards from gamification marketing become a clear winner!

Rewarding customers or employees when they share content or achieve the aims of the application acts as a motivator as well as an engagement tool. Using gamification in marketing is the perfect social strategy, bringing fun and competition to a strategy.

Vendors claim that gamification strategies can lead to a 100% to 150% increase in engagement metrics, which is the result any marketing guru would be happy with!

Whether it’s internal or external apps, social media campaigns or website functionalities, incorporating a gaming element into your marketing strategy is a must for 2016!