mobile learning gamification

Why is mobile learning so effective?

Mobile learning isn’t new, from smart phones to smart watches, we are all catching onto the mobile era of tech.

Knowledge is power, so being able to learn anywhere and everywhere is a brilliant tool to have at your fingertips. No matter what age, we get ahead with what we know. Gamified applications that offer proactive learning approaches are just what we need, so why is having them available in a mobile capacity so effective? Surely it can be a distraction to other things going on in our lives?


We all have one

Unlike laptops and tablets, the majority of us own a mobile phone. More than 85% of the world’s population own a phone, and 2.6 billion of these are smartphone users.

They are becoming a necessity and products are being developed to work more conveniently when using your mobile beyond its original purpose. Bigger screens, bigger memory storage and better durability for the person on the move. Using a mobile as a learning tool is a growing trend for both people’s personal lives and in business.


You can access it anywhere

It’s obvious, but true. Mobiles allow us to access information anywhere. Providers are even developing wifi networks underground so that you can still reach people when travelling on the tube. Before we know it, networks will be available from even the most remote locations.

This means you can be spending those few spare moments waiting for your friend or travelling on the train making the most of those spare minutes, taking productivity to a new level.


You can share it anywhere

Just as we can access anywhere, we can share anywhere. This is what puts the real drivers into gamifying learning applications. You can not only share your fun new app with your friends, but challenge them and achieve goals or milestones.

It allows people to feel an even greater sense of achievement from mobile learning and gameplay, as they can show off their achievements to their peers through a variety of social networks.


Perfect for the little ones

Learning apps for kids are all the rage. Generation Z growing up with tech at their fingertips and the size of a mobile smart device means it is becoming the perfect learning tool for little hands.

It also gives parents the chance to engage and bond with their kids, or even act at the perfect silencing tool. Gamified mobile learning apps are the all-rounder for child-friendly entertainment.


You forget you’re learning

We commonly associate our mobile phones with social activities, engagement and enjoyment, so if the game or learning app has got enough quality content you almost forget that you are doing something that requires more brain power than usual.

That put the fun back into learning and because it’s mobile you can share it with your friends in-person or through connectivity, bringing social elements into the play. Mobile gamified learning is the perfect training tool as it gives a positive spin on something that few of us don’t necessarily look forward to.


So why is mobile learning so effective? Mobile smart devices will only develop to accommodate generational changes. Mobiles started big, got smaller and now they are getting big again. Whatever the trend you can guarantee they will be optimised for all manner of uses. Gamified learning on mobile is just the tipping point, what could be next?